Watch These Precious Fennec Fox Siblings Being Bottle-Fed

So foxy.

Two baby fennec foxes were born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo on Feb. 4, and were just given the names Teddy and Hokees.

Teddy is short for Theodore, and Hokees, means “my love” in Armenian.

The foxes were born to 7-year-old Daisy and 2-year-old Charlie at the Washington, D.C., zoo.

The foxes are being hand-reared, because their mother Daisy has been unsuccessful in the past in raising kits.

The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world, with kits weighing in at just 40 grams at birth. For the first 10 days, these newborns were nursed by hand every 2 hours.

Here are the baby foxes when they were just over a month old.

Zoo officials said the kits are doing great and "Like most newborns, they spend the majority of their day sleeping."

"They're very wiggly and vocal during feedings," the zoo added.

Fennec foxes are known for their large ears — around 6 inches long when fully-grown.

Their enormous ears help them stay cool in the scorching heat. Fennec foxes are found throughout the Sahara Desert and can also be found in the deserts of Northern Africa and the Northern Sinai.

Watch this adorable video of the fennec fox kits being hand-fed at the National Zoo.

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