People Freaked Out Over Trump Appearing To Creep Behind Clinton During The Debate


During the debate on Sunday, people thought it was really weird — and creepy — the way Donald Trump was standing right behind Hillary Clinton when she spoke.

People called Trump a "hoverer."

Creepy mother-effing hoverer #debate

And a stalker.

Trump is literally stalking Hillary on stage. Look at him.

And said it was cringeworthy.

This helicoptering thing he's doing hovering behind her is cringe

A lot of people were warning Clinton to watch her back.

"LOOK OUT," people warned.

One person referenced the classic 1979 horror film When a Stranger Calls.

[whispers] the call is coming from inside the house

And said Trump looked like he was "going to attack her."

He literally looks like he is going to attack her while he is pacing. #debate

Of course, creepy clowns had to be mentioned, since they are the great terror of 2016.

Lookout Hillary, there's one of them scary clowns behind you. #debate2016

He's like the dude you can't get rid of at the club.

he's hovering like a dude who bought you a single drink at the club

This pointed comparison was made.

Even though Trump's hovering was becoming a thing, people noted it was still possibly not the most insane thing to happen during the debate.

In a normal debate, Trump standing near Clinton would be the *definitive moment.* Tonight, it's like the 12th most insane thing to happen.

Some people really didn't think the way he was standing was funny at all, especially considering the audio that surfaced Friday in which Trump says he can grab women "by the pussy."

Trump standing directly behind Hillary, in light of his comments bragging about sexual assault, is a bad, ominous pose for him.

"When this happens to me on a sidewalk, I basically start running."

When this happens to me on a sidewalk, I basically start running.

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