Delta Airlines Apologizes For Tweet Depicting Ghana With A Giraffe

After Team USA won Monday's World Cup match against Ghana, Delta Airlines celebrated with a picture of the Statue of Liberty and a giraffe. Oops.

After the World Cup match Monday, Delta airlines tweeted about America's win with the number of goals each team made over a picture of the Statue of Liberty for the U.S. and a giraffe for Ghana.

People were quick to point out that Ghana, while part of the African continent, is not home to giraffes.

Oh dear, @delta. There isn't even a single wild giraffes in Ghana.

Ghana has no giraffes RT @Delta Congrats team #USA! Nice goal @clint_dempsey @soundersfc!

This is the boolsheet us Africans gotta deal with. There are no giraffes in Ghana, you narrow-minded nincompoops! @Delta FAIL!

You can book flights to Accra, the capital of Ghana, on @delta’s website. Do not take those flights. They will end up in the Serengeti.

.@delta Ghana's really more well known for their Clymene Dolphins than giraffes, but that's just me checking Wikipedia for three seconds

Delta currently airlifting a giraffe into Ghana.

Ghana has giraffes if we want it to. We're motherfucking Delta. We'll fly a motherfucking giraffe. Don't push us.

Delta's first attempt to apologize was quickly deleted, because it included an ill-timed typo:

Based on the Novel WTF by Are You Kidding Me: via @JT__Orlando

It was followed up with a typo-free apology tweet:

We're sorry for our choice of photo in our previous tweet. Best of luck to all teams.

"We're sorry for the picture previously tweeted," Delta spokesperson Kate Modolo told BuzzFeed. "It was made in the spirit of the game and in the spirit of the World Cup. We wish the best of luck to all teams."

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