More Than 100 Adorable Puppies Were Rescued From An Overturned Truck

So much puppy love.

More than 100 puppies were rescued after a truck crashed and overturned on an upstate New York highway Tuesday.

New York State Police removed the puppies from the overturned truck one by one, the Finger Lakes SPCA said.

The puppies — 104 in total — were of various breeds, including many toy and smaller breeds.

There were no fatalities, but two puppies were seriously injured and were rushed to a local veterinary hospital for medical care, where they were stabilized.

The puppies were returned to the transport company after recovery. Finger Lakes SPCA said there were "no health issues that would indicate an animal cruelty concern."

While the animal support group said it believed the dogs came from a puppy mill, which they "abhor," it said the group has no legal means to retain the animals.

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