20 Puppies At The Westminster Show Ranked By Cuteness

These are the pups that should have won at the Westminster Dog Show based on how playful and cuddly they look.

Miss P, a beagle, may have won Best in Show, Tuesday evening at the Westminster Dog Show, but all the dogs who competed are seriously cute.

Here are the pups that we want to cuddle the most:

20. Massimo

19. Manny

18. Franz

17. Matisse

16. Rosie

15. Cali

14. Liz

13. Rocket

12. Sadie

11. Nurple

10. Gabby

9. Flame

8. Cubit

7. Foxy

6. Swagger

5. Wingssong Singular Sensation

4. Chauncey

3. Charlie

2. Ace

1. Kun Lung

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