Colorado Town That Warned Of THC In Water Says It Was A False Alarm

Officials in Hugo, Colorado, said on Saturday it was safe for residents to drink the town's water after tests came back negative for the active chemical in marijuana.

#HugosWater CBI Scientists have concluded water samples are NEG for THC. Believed that test kit were false +. Water advisory is cancelled!!!

Authorities in a small Colorado town said Saturday it was again safe to drink, cook, or bathe with water after tests had come back negative for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the ingredient that gets cannabis users high.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said on Thursday that "there was evidence of THC in the Town of Hugo's water supply," but on Saturday they announced new tests by the the Colorado Bureau of Investigation had come back negative.

"Water advisory is cancelled!!!" the sheriff's office announced on Twitter.

Hugo is located about 100 miles southeast of Denver and has a population of about 730 people. The town prohibits marijuana growing, cultivation, or selling, according to the Associated Press.

#HugosWater- Well #1 is being held until addtl resources arrive. State Lab Team enrt to complete more tests

The sheriff's office said on Thursday that officials tested the water after complaints, but said no one had symptoms.

One out of five wells showed "signs of tampering," Capt. Michael Yowell of Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said during a press conference Thursday.

A field test kit was used to test the water in the well, which found signs of THC, Yowell said on Thursday. He had also said at the time it was possible that the test was showing a false positive and would be further tested.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation were involved in the probe.

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