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British Surfer May Have Ridden The Biggest Wave Ever

Andrew Cotton attempted to break the world record on Sunday in Portugal. The giant wave was thought to be about 80 feet tall.

Posted on February 3, 2014, at 8:43 p.m. ET

Andrew Cotton, a 34-year-old plumber from England, surfed a giant wave up to 80 feet tall on Sunday in Nazaré, Portugal.

AP Photo/Miguel Barreira

Conditions were said to be especially difficult with strong winds creating a great deal of turbulence.

AP Photo/Miguel Barreira

After catching the massive wave, Cotton wiped out.

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Cotton told BBC News the fall was "pretty bad," but he used an inflatable vest, which made him "shot up" to the surface.

Garrett McNamara currently holds the world record for surfing the biggest wave ever, a 78-footer in 2011 at Nazaré. Cotton will find out from the Billabong XXL in March whether he officially broke the world record.