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Sen. Claire McCaskill Hilariously Live-Tweeted Jury Duty

"Boredom is settling over the room. Traffic to vending machines trending up."

Posted on January 25, 2016, at 8:40 p.m. ET

Sen. Claire McCaskill was called for jury duty Monday and hilariously live-tweeted her experience while waiting for hours for jury selection.

Susan Walsh / AP

Technically, elected officials are exempt from jury duty, but some senators still want to participate, considering it an honor and duty.

Yep. Just reported for jury duty.On my bucket list to serve. Betting lawyers boot me...use peremptory challenge.

Sen. Ted Cruz was called earlier this month to jury duty in Texas, but was ultimately not selected.

McCaskill, a Democratic senator from Missouri, was a prosecuting attorney in the 1990s, so her legal lexicon was on point. 💅

I'm just part of the big juror pool right now,assuming I'll get moved to a courtroom for voir dire eventually.

A peremptory challenge is when an attorney rejects a potential juror without stating a reason and voir dire is the process used in jury selection to determine if a juror is biased.

McCaskill was prepared to keep tweeting no matter how long she had to be at jury duty:

As usual Callow has succinct advice. "@publiceyestl Sit near an outlet." Check.


She was admittedly embarrassed by the low pay given to jurors, acknowledging it is a Missouri foible.

Hiding in corner as judge explains to large juror pool that we get paid only $10 a day. That's #moleg not DC folks.

After awhile, the first round of jurors were called, but McCaskill's group wasn't.

Just called the names of first panel to go to courtroom for jury selection. #notme

She joked about what people were doing while they were waiting:

By rough calculation I count 2 knitters, with rest of the about 150 potential jurors divided equally between reading paper & reading screens

She compared jury selection to the feeling in middle school when you are hoping you aren't last to be picked for the team.

Drumroll. Another 60 being called for another courtroom. Hoping I get picked. #feelslikejrhigh


Again, the senator was prepared for this to be a long day.

Are you kidding? Comfortable. Definitely. Love you Marcia.

The former attorney became nervous while wondering why she was getting skipped over for the team — I mean, jury.

One knitter gone. But not me. Question for Twitter: are they skipping me on purpose?

MAYBE it was personal that she wasn't getting picked.

Possible. Definitely possible.

She started talking about the TV in the waiting room, wondering what would be done after someone went for the remote.

This is gonna get in the room where we're waiting.Someone for the remote. Now what channel? #pleasegodnotfoxnews


Don't worry though — she didn't want the power to control the channel selection.

Are you crazy? No way I want the remote. I work for these people...

As the boredom increased, people naturally went in search of snacks.

Boredom is settling over the room. Traffic to vending machines trending up.

Finally, the TV channel was set to Comedy Central, which seemed like a generally safe choice, although there was one skeptical audience member...

Remote person settled on Comedy Central. Not bad, kinda safe choice. But noticed one woman grimacing over off color jokes. #juryroomdrama

YAS! McCaskill finally got called to the courtroom.

OMG. I got called. On my way to courtroom. Yes!


Still, she knew it might be a long time until she knew if she would be selected for jury duty.

Waiting outside courtroom. Not optimistic but happy to at least be on this side of voir dire. It will be interesting.

She warned her followers that when she stepped into the courtroom, she would have to close down her live-tweeting operation.

I will go silent once in courtroom. Will update later.

First though, she would have to do some more waiting.

Still waiting in hallway. Appears this is a criminal, not civil, division.

Again, she wondered if this was all happening because she had been a lawyer in her past life.

A lawyer I know just walked by me in hallway, did double take, said hello and "they don't want lawyers" 😩


Never go to jury duty without your own snacks, McCaskill told her followers.

I brought some salad and hard boiled eggs from home. #prepared

While being questioned in the courtroom, her Twitter feed went quiet. But during a short break she tweeted that she couldn't talk about the case.

Short recess from jury qualification questioning. Can't and won't talk about case. Should know today if I'm chosen.

Finally, she learned that she had been selected to be a juror in the trial! 🎉

HOLY X@#*! I am on the jury. Now must go social media silent re:trial. Don't worry, I'll share after verdict.

As a juror, McCaskill is not allowed to discuss details of the case, but she said she would share the verdict when it is decided.