Amazing Photos Reveal What The Newest Island On Earth Looks Like

Three men, who believe they are the first to have set foot on the brand-new island in the Pacific Ocean, captured incredible images of the volcanic islet.

An island has been formed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Tonga after an underwater volcano erupted.

The still unnamed island is about one-mile long and located between the older Hunga Tonga and Hiunga Ha'apai.

It is located 28 miles northwest of Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa, BBC News reported.

Gianpiero Orbassano, who is a 63-year-old tour operator and photographer in Tonga, took a friend and his son on a boat to check out the island on Saturday, according to the Telegraph.

They first landed on a black beach.

And then proceeded to climb to the top of the island's cone-shaped mountain.

The island is estimated to be 820 feet high.

Orbassano told the Telegraph that the surface of the island was still very hot.

It is not clear how safe it is to walk on the new island.

Eventually the trio made it to the rim of the crater.

From there, they could see into the beautiful lagoon that had formed inside the crater.

And pose with it!

They said the green lake in the crater smelled of sulphur.

Scientists believe a volcano exploded more than a month ago underwater and continued to grow until the island formed.

The island is expected to erode back into the ocean in a matter of months because it is made out of ash.