This Astronomer Watching A Rare Total Solar Eclipse Is The Happiest Person Ever

A total eclipse of the heart.

A total solar eclipse was filmed by an astronomer from a plane that had an optimal view of the rare event and he was out-of-his-mind happy about it.

The video, and enthusiastic commentary, was created by Joe Rao — an associate astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History — during this week's rare total solar eclipse.

Months ago, Rao figured out that an Alaska Airlines flight between Anchorage and Honolulu would offer an ideal view of the eclipse on March 8. The only catch was that the flight was starting 25 minutes too early.

But after the eclipse enthusiast called Alaska Airlines to explain the situation, the airline happily agreed to move the flight to accommodate the dozen or so skygazers who were among the 163 passengers aboard Tuesday.

The route was especially unique because it intersected the "path of totality," where the darkest shadow of the moon passes over the earth.

From 36,000 feet, Rao got to witness the total solar eclipse — and he was not disappointed, shouting over and over again "oh my god" and "look at this."

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Rao told the Associated Press it was his eleventh time seeing a solar eclipse, but as he says in the video, "I've never seen it like this ever — only in a plane."

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