30 Pictures Of Dogs Prancing Around At The 138th Westminster Kennel Club

This year Sky, a wire fox terrier, took home best in show, but all of these dogs are winners in our hearts.

1. This year the majestic Sky took home best in show.

2. She succeeds Banana Joe, an affenpinscher, who won best in show, during the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2013.

3. Nearly 3,000 dogs and their handlers attended this year's competition in New York at Madison Square Garden, which chooses winners from seven groups to determine the best in show.

4. Here is Sky competing in the terrier group, which she also won.

5. Sky beat out this bull terrier to win the terrier group.

6. And this American Staffordshire terrier.

7. Here is Joey, who is also a wire fox terrier, getting his chin brushed before the terrier competition. Joey also lost to Sky.

8. Here is Bruce Schwartz judging the terrier group while wearing an amazing terrier tuxedo belt.

9. Here is a border terrier jumping as she competes in the terrier group.

10. The stunning Papparazzi, a neapolitan mastiff, runs through the ring by his handler as he competes in the working group.

11. Here is another view of Papparazzi making his run.

12. This superb komondor competed in the working group too.

13. Here is an adorable Alaskan malamute competing in the working group.

14. But there could be only one winner of the working group competition.

15. Matisse, a Portuguese water dog, won the working group.

16. Here, Thrilling Seduction, a black cocker spaniel, is pulled by the ear by its handler as it runs through the ring in competition in the sporting group.

17. Riley, an Irish water spaniel, won the sporting group.

18. An Irish Wolfhound is examined during the hound group.

19. Here, an Afghan hound competes during the hound group.

20. But Nathan, a bloodhound, beat out the rest to win the hound group.

21. This old English sheepdog competed with other dogs in the herding group.

22. Here, a Shetland sheepdog is judged during competition for the herding group.

23. Here is Coco Posh, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, posing for a picture after winning the herding group.

24. Here, a pug competes with other dogs in the toy group.

25. But there was a clear winner of the toy group.

26. Classie, a miniature pinscher, exits the ring after winning the toy group.

27. Here, a judge examines the non-sporting group.

28. This French bulldog was one of the competitors in the non-sporting group.

29. But Ally, a standard poodle, won the non-sporting group.

30. And you can probably see why.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misstated what group the Shetland Sheepdog competed in. (2/11/14)

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