The Eve 6 Guy Is Reviving His Advice Column And Wants You To Write Him With Your Problems

Twitter-famous ’90s alternative rocker Max Collins’s column, Heart in a Blender, will run monthly.

Eve 6 singer Max Collins onstage

Hi everyone, I’m Max Collins, also known as the Eve 6 Guy or the “Heart in a Blender” Guy. People are always asking me, “Does it bother you to be referred to online as the Eve 6 Guy or the ‘Heart in a Blender’ Guy?” and I’m always like, “No, I’m just happy to be referred to at all.”

For those who are unaware: I am the lead singer and bassist for a ’90s alternative rock band called Eve 6 that had one hit like a million years ago. I started posting on Twitter using the @eve6 account two years ago, and it kind of turned into a thing, to the chagrin of many and the joy of some. My online notoriety led me to write an advice column called Heart in a Blender for the recently defunct website Input.

The column is now going to run monthly on BuzzFeed News. This is kind of funny, because right after my Twitter presence became a big deal, I tweeted this:

cant wait for the cringe buzzfeed article praising our twitter

Twitter: @Eve6

Anyway, now I am the one writing cringe for BuzzFeed!

What’s the column all about? Well, you can check out previous installments here. Just write in with your woes, and I’ll attempt to help you using the wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years. (The letters don’t need to be deep or serious though! They can be ridiculous or funny or whatever.)

The caveat, of course, is that I am not a therapist but an aging rocker who by no means has all his shit figured out. I am no substitute for a professional, but I don’t charge $200 an hour, so there’s that. If this doesn’t scare you off, please write to me at Your anonymity is guaranteed.

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