With Two Tweets Carl Icahn Added About $17 Billion To Apple's Value

Put another way, Icahn's tweets were worth more to Apple than the entire value of the companies below.

Billionaire hedge funder Carl Icahn disclosed a large stake in Apple today and said he was encouraging the company to increase the buyback program — on Twitter, of all places.

Those two tweets alone, however, sent Apple shares up about 5% and added about $17 billion to Apple's market cap. The jump in price comes at a time when Apple is facing an issue with its public image — and whether the creator of the iPhone can still innovate.

So, how much more valuable is Carl Icahn's twitter activity compared to certain companies?

1. At $2.8 billion, JC Penney is worth about a fifth of Carl Icahn's Twitter activity.

2. Zynga, at $2.3 billion, is worth even less than that of JC Penney.

3. Campbell Soup is worth $15 billion — just shy of Icahn's tweets.

4. Netflix, also worth about $15.3 billion, is just under the Carl Icahn Twitter phenomenon.

5. Ralph Lauren, worth $16.2 billion, doesn't make the cut either.

6. Groupon is worth about $7 billion — two and a half of them would do the trick.

7. And Icahn's tweets are worth about the market cap of Tesla Motors.

8. Aol is worth about $2.8 billion, or about a third of a single Carl Icahn tweet.

9. Finally you'll need at least 3 BlackBerry market caps (about $6 billion each) to make up for Icahn's tweets.