The Wall Street Journal's Answer To AllThingsD Launches Next Month

The Journal's revamped tech coverage section launches next month. The company is launching a global conference, too.

The Wall Street Journal's answer to its separation with AllThingsD, a global technology coverage section called "WSJD," is launching next month, according to a source familiar with the company's operations.

The company will be launching a global technology conference to go with it — which it said it would when the separation was made public — branded under the "WSJD" name, though the exact name of the conference couldn't be learned. It will also launch a section in the paper as part of the paper's existing "Marketplace" business section, according to the source.

The paper has aggressively built out its technology coverage with a slew of columnists, reviewers, bloggers and writers since it became clear that it was going to part ways with AllThingsD.

The AllThingsD brand has been a staple of the Journal's technology coverage since launching, which included regular columns, breaking news and a large technology conference run by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

A Journal spokesperson confirmed the name to BuzzFeed, but declined to give further detail.