A Top Twitter Executive Just Had A Massive Direct Message Fail

It looks like Twitter's finance chief Anthony Noto thought he was messaging another Twitter executive about buying a company. Anthony Weiner, a prominent victim of the DM Fail, was quick to step in and offer support.

It seems Twitter's new chief financial officer hasn't gotten the hang of Twitter just yet.

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto committed a classic Twitter error by accidentally tweeting out a suggestion that Twitter should buy a company, in what looks like a classic case of DM Fail. Noto is one of Twitter's newest prize hires, and as a Goldman Sachs banker, helped take the company public.

Looks like Twitter’s CFO just had the first-ever M&A DM fail.

Noto is, of course, not the first high-profile user to accidentally tweet out what would otherwise be a direct message. And not long after he made the faux pas, one of the best-known casualties of the DM fail stepped in to joke about it.

A Twitter representative said the company had no comment, but merger and acquisition conversations are basically business as usual for a company like Twitter. The company, as it is trying to figure out how to improve its user-facing products and re-ignite its user growth.

Twitter's share price was unchanged in extended trading Monday evening following the DM fail.

(h/t Kevin Roose)

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