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Former Politico Andrei Cherny Teases New Financial Company With "1984" Homage

Andrei Cherny goes from the White House to Arizona politics to a new financial and technology company.

Posted on January 28, 2014, at 10:28 a.m. ET

Andrei Cherny was the youngest White House speechwriter of all time, the founder of the political journal Democracy, a Naval Reserve intelligence officer, the author of two books, a candidate for political office in Arizona, a prosecutor, and most recently the chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party. Now he's doing something new: Aspiration.

While the 38 year old Cherny is mum on the details on what exactly Aspiration is, he told BuzzFeed that the project is "at the intersection of finance and technology, bringing the best of both those worlds together."

"What Apple did in "1984" was democratize the world of personal computers," Cherny said in explaining why Aspiration's first public message was an homage to Apple's classic Super Bowl ad.

Cherny said Aspiration will launch in the spring and is "going to be a new a approach to investing, one that combines both profit and philanthropy and is a lot more people centered than the Wall Street approach." The text in Aspiration's video is a mashup of Gordon Gekko's famous monologue from Wall Street and a 2005 memo written by Citi analysts on "Plutonomy."

Aspiration also has a website where it is described as a "revolution in the world of investing," but only includes a sign-up to learn more.

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