A Reporter At The World Cup Shouted At A Man Who Tried To Kiss Her On Live TV

"Never do this to a woman, OK? Respect."

Neste domingo, o #Fantástico falou sobre os casos de assédio que tem acontecido na Copa do Mundo. Abaixo, a gente mostra um deles, que ocorreu com a repórter Júlia Guimarães. A bronca dada por ela ao engraçadinho, fica como recado: "Não faça isso!" https://t.co/XYlBMSCVEm https://t.co/tERPgTzkZy

A reporter at the World Cup in Russia has been praised online after shouting at a man who tried to kiss her while she delivered a live report.

Julia Guimarães, who works for Brazil's TV Globo and Sport TV, was reporting outside the stadium in Yekaterinburg for the Japan versus Senegal match on Sunday when she had to move out of the way to avoid the man.

She immediately called him out for his behavior while the camera rolled.

"Don't do this, never do this again, OK? Don't do this, I don't allow you to do that. Never, OK, this is not polite, this is not right, never do this. Never do this to a woman, OK? Respect," Guimarães said in English to the man, who can be heard apologizing.

Writing on Twitter, Guimarães said that this was the second such incident she had experienced since arriving in Russia.

É difícil encontrar palavras... Por sorte, nunca vivi isso no Brasil! Aqui já aconteceu por 2 vezes. Triste! Vergonhoso! https://t.co/8sdukYw8FG

Earlier this year, female sports reporters in Brazil spoke out against the sexual harassment they experience while working, using the hashtag #DeixaElaTrabalhar, or #LetHerWork.

The way Guimarães responded to the man's actions in Yekaterinburg was praised online.

Last week, a Colombian journalist working for German broadcaster DW's Spanish news channel was also assaulted while reporting live from the World Cup.

Julieth González Therán was reporting from Saransk, Russia, when a man grabbed her breast and kissed her.

González Therán did not address the incident at the time and continued her report but later posted a clip of the incident on Instagram and called for female journalists to be shown respect. "We do not deserve this treatment," she wrote.

This post was adapted from Portuguese.

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