Passengers Bled From Their Noses And Ears After Pilots "Forgot" About Cabin Pressure

The Jet Airways flight had to turn back to Mumbai shortly after takeoff when the crew reportedly failed to press a switch that would have maintained pressure.

@jetairways Flight 9W 697 made an emergency landing back in Mumbai. Airplane lost pressure immediately after taking off...scores of passengers including me bleeding from staff to announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask.passengersafety completelyignored

A passenger plane had to turn back mid-flight after pilots apparently forgot to maintain cabin pressure.

Passengers on the Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur in India complained of bleeding from their noses and ears not long after takeoff.

Videos and photos posted online showed oxygen masks being deployed.

Panic situation due to technical fault in @jetairways 9W 0697 going from Mumbai to Jaipur. Flt return back to Mumbai after 45 mts. All passengers are safe including me.

#jetairways #9w697 emergency landing at Mumbai. Stranded with no information. @jetairways @timesofindia @htTweets

Hi @jetairways Mumbai. Your flight number 9W069WK to Jaipur this morning took off and then returned due to inability to maintain cabin pressure. Don't you think announcements and status updates would help? Terribly shoddy!

India's Ministry of Civil Aviation said 30 of the 166 people on board had received medical treatment.

Transport official Lalit Gupta told the Hindustan Times that the crew forgot to press a switch that would have maintained cabin pressure.

"As a result, oxygen masks got deployed," he said.

MoCA has taken cognizance of the incident in flight 9W 697 earlier today and has requested DGCA to file its report immediately on the issue. The crew is being derostered. Of the 166 people on board, 30 were affected and have been given treatment.

Jet Airways said the flight's cockpit crew had been taken off scheduled duties "pending investigation."

In a statement, the Indian airline said the flight "made an air turn back due to loss in cabin pressure. The B337 aircraft, with 166 guests and 5 crew landed normally in Mumbai. All guests were deplaned safely and taken to the terminal. First aid was administered to few guests who complained of ear pain, bleeding nose etc."

The statement added that the company was "making alternative flight arrangements for guests on this flight. Jet Airways regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests."

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