People Can't Stop Sharing This Fake List Of Trump's Catering Demands

"The Trump catering menu thing is obviously fake, but if it was true, it'd only be like the 8th most outrageous thing in the last two weeks."

Donald Trump has embarked on his first foreign trip as president and is scheduled to travel to five countries — including Saudi Arabia and Israel — in the span of nine days.

With Trump off US soil for the first time as president, people are sharing a pretty demanding — but totally fake — list of the president's catering requirements for the trip.

The catering requirements for #TrumpInIsrael seem kinda OCD: 6 boxes of Double Stuffed @Oreo cookies---unwrapped &…

The list includes six boxes of double-stuffed Oreos, unwrapped and stacked in rows of eight, two cartons of KFC paper napkins — specifically KFC — three gallons of buttermilk, three microwave ovens, which must remain unplugged, and five maps of the electoral college win.

The list appears to have originated with a government parody account, which tweeted it on Friday.

Pres has a lot of demands for his Middle East trip.

Most people were quickly able to discern that this list is not real

If you want to know who not to follow on twitter, just find every person who can't discern that the trump catering list is fake.

Those Trump catering requirements are a fake, y’all

Guys this Trump hotel catering list is so obviously not real.

@RogueSNRadvisor Not sure what's worse, that this is someone's idea of comedy, or that this is some ppl's idea of believable.

Some people seemed to fall for the list at first — then others quickly pointed out it was a joke.

3 gallons Buttermilk?

Can't get over that Trump catering requirements list. Total Beavis & Butthead: 'Like, don't plug in the microwaves. Your electricity sucks.'

Trump has a list of demands to his Middle Eastern hosts entitled 'Hotel & Catering Requirements'. As you read the i…

Real or fake, the jokes rolled in:

Trump Gets Double-Stuffed Oreos; Everyone Else Gets Single-Stuffed

@RogueSNRadvisor I just gained 20 lbs and went into a sugar coma reading that list

Most people agreed the list was pretty outrageous.

@tomcolicchio Not even if my 5 year old made a request list would it look like Trump's.

@RogueSNRadvisor @50inaug Clearly this man doesn't understand healthy eating. This is like a bachelor, or someone d…

In conclusion:

The Trump catering menu thing is obviously fake, but if it was true, it'd only be like the 8th most outrageous thing in the last 2 weeks

Alas, the White House did not respond to a questions on the authenticity of this list.

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