Shonda Rhimes Calls Hillary Clinton A Badass And The Definition Of Squad Goals

The creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal addressed the women's caucus on the last day of the DNC convention.

"No one's gonna call me to save the world. I'm gonna call Hillary." - Shonda Rhimes #DemsInPhilly

PHILADELPHIA — A powerhouse list of actors, writers, and elected officials addressed the women's caucus on the final day of the Democratic National Convention — including television producer and writer Shonda Rhimes, who said Hillary Clinton is "squad goals."

The Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator emphasized that she knows Clinton as a person, not just a politician. "We don't do each other's hair and I don't call her up and say 'hey girl hey,'" Rhimes said Thursday. "She doesn't stand in my kitchen and say my food needs more seasoning, but we've spent time together."

Rhimes said Democratic presidential nominee is like most American women.

"She's a a mother who talks about her kid a little too much and like us, she personally worries too much," Rhimes said. "She’s real and human and flawed, and funny, and dorky and interesting. She’s a thousand times smarter than anyone you’ve met, but she’s just like us."

Rhimes said that as a black mother she worries about her children. She added that the country is divided.

“I don’t care how much I own Thursday nights,” Rhimes said. “It feels like there are two Americas and one doesn’t want me.”

"Hillary is a badass," Rhimes said. "Hillary gets it done. Hillary is squad goals, people."

"I know her, and now I hope all of you know her too," Rhimes said. "So when the world needs saving, we can call her, but first we have to make her president."

Shonda Rhimes, TV producer/writer, Grey's Anatomy gives moving speech at #WomensCaucus #DemsInPhilly #MotivosAtDNC

Other speakers at the women's caucus included actress Debra Messing, who said the country will be safer in Clinton's hands.

DNC chair Marcia Fudge also addressed the crowd, saying, "if you don't vote, you don't count."

"If you don't vote," she continued, "you are ungrateful and you are lazy and trifling."

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