Here Are The Powerful Reasons Why People Joined The March For Our Lives

“I should be worrying about APs and finals, not AR-15s in school.”

Hundreds of thousands of people traveled from all over the US to Washington, DC, to protest gun violence in schools and elsewhere in the nation.

The backgrounds of March for Our Lives demonstrators included Second Amendment protesters to people who weren’t necessarily anti-gun, but believed schools were no place for guns.

We asked people to write out the powerful reasons why they joined today’s march.

“I should be worrying about APs and finals, not AR-15s in school.”

Jason Goodman, an 11th-grader from Los Angeles, came to DC with his dad because “enough is enough.”

“I march for our four kids who deserve a better education.”

The Lovlie family flew to DC from Madison, Wisconsin. The father, Eric Lovlie, said they are not an anti-gun family, but believe that schools are no place for guns.

“I shouldn’t be afraid to get my education.”

Addi Davis from Reston, Virginia, told BuzzFeed News she was at the March because she "shouldn't be afraid" to get her education.

"Violence + Violence = No Solution."

Sisters Izzy and Lily (and puppy Penny) from Gilford, Connecticut, showed up at the March for Our Lives because they too were "tired of being afraid."

“We’re marching with our kids for their future.”

Jenna and Rich came to DC from Virginia. According to BuzzFeed News reporter Mary Ann Georgantopoulos, Jenna teared up as she talked about the kids and parents that couldn't be here today.

“I’m a teacher and a grandmother. I want my kids safe wherever they go — ALL my kids!”

Grandmother Claudia Williams said she wants all her kids to be safe, wherever they go.

“I’m here for my young kids — I want them to grow up and not be afraid.”

Kevin Freeman came from Ohio, and said he was at the march for his young kids.

“My kids > your gun”

Rachael Sondak came from Silver Spring, Maryland, with her family.

“I want to go to school and feel SAFE.”

Gabriel Benn, a 10th-grader.

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