Maxine Waters Says Facebook "Tried To Hide Information" About Russian Ad Purchases During Election

The congresswoman from California was on BuzzFeed News's live morning Twitter show, AM2DM.

Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, said Monday that "Facebook tried to hide information" about Russian ads purchased on the platform intended to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

Earlier this months, Facebook disclosed that roughly $100,000 worth of political ads were purchased on its platform by fake accounts and pages connected to a Russian troll operation.

Waters comments came on BuzzFeed News's morning Twitter show, AM2DM, where she slammed Facebook for not being "forthcoming" about the ads.

"It took [Facebook] too long to admit they’d done business with them," Waters said. "I want to know what role Facebook and Twitter played in the election."

The congresswoman went on to say that one of the biggest mistakes Democrats made during the 2016 election was not act on the information they received about Russian hacking.

"It seems as if they were given information about Russian hacking and [Democrats] didn’t follow up on it," she said.

Waters said that another mistake Democrats made — a problem brought up by millennials, she said — was that politicians have a way of talking and acting, "without saying very much of anything or tackling of of the issues."

Millennials have dubbed Waters "Auntie Maxine," and, as she said Monday, praise for "speaking truth to power."

During the AM2DM interview, Waters also commented about her contentious relationship with president Trump

"I was so offended by this new president that I decided to take the gloves off and call it as I saw it," Waters said Monday.

A day earlier, Waters tweeted that "it's never too early to get ready for impeachment."

Thank you @jemelehill & @KingJames! Speak truth to power. Trump is a bum & a disgrace & it's never too early to get ready for impeachment.

The congresswoman called Trump a "master of diversion" stating that his tweets distract from real issues and also incite fights on the platform.

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