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Man Waves Fake Gun Behind Reporter During Live Broadcast

What appeared to be a gun was in fact a lighter, according to police.

Posted on February 11, 2016, at 1:38 p.m. ET

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A man waving what appeared to be a gun and yelling "give me money, give me money" walked into NBC reporter Michael George's live shot Wednesday afternoon in New York City, a police spokesperson said.

What seemed to be a gun was in fact a lighter, a police official said. The man was apprehended Thursday morning but has not yet been charged.

George was reporting outside Brooklyn Supreme Court on the Peter Liang trial, the NYPD officer charged with fatally shooting Akai Gurley.

In August 2015, reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward were gunned down during a live broadcast in Roanoke, Virginia.

Police are investigating the Brooklyn incident.