A Video Captured A Man's Racist Rant After Two Macy's Employees Spoke Arabic To Each Other

"All the Arabs, all you Arabs and Democrats. Go back to where you came from…how many Arabs came out of the woodwork?"

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A man at a Dallas-area Macy's lashed out against "Arabs" and "Democrats" after two employees at the department store spoke Arabic to each other.

In a video posted to Twitter (but later made private), the unidentified man railed against the two women for speaking Arabic while he was shopping for a purse at the Michael Kors counter.

"All you Arabs. All you Arabs and Democrats, go back where you came from," he says in a video posted to Twitter.

The video also shows other customers stepping in to defend the two employees, including one who told the man to "leave the store."

"There's no gift box for that. Leave, you're disrespecting her," a woman customer tells the man.

"I don't need to do shit," he responds before turning to a Macy's employee and says, "Get this woman out of my face, she's interfering with my purchase."

As other people begin to defend the employees, the man argues that the two employees were speaking Arabic to each other.

"They were speaking Arabic, I don't speak Arabic," he said.

"And get these customers away from me,” the man said. "All the Arabs, all you Arabs and Democrats. Go back to where you came from…how many Arabs came out of the woodwork?"

Ricky, the man who posted the video on Twitter, told BuzzFeed News the man was upset that he wasn't getting free gift wrapping with his purchase. He said the employee who was assisting him called over a coworker and the two spoke Arabic to each other.

"The first thing I heard was, 'This is America. Speak English,'" said Ricky, who did not want his last name to be used. "From that point, it just escalated to what you see in the video."

Ricky said he started recording after the man threatened to call the police on the woman seen defending the employees in the video. A group of 10 to 12 people also gathered to comfort and defend the employees.

He said he later confronted the man after he saw two women, including one of the employees, crying and that the man allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs to him.

"He just kept shouting words like 'fag' and 'go back to queerland,'" Ricky said.

A spokesperson for Macy's told BuzzFeed News that the incident is being investigated.

"We believe our Macy’s employees and customers should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness," a company spokesperson said. "We aim to create a welcoming environment and we apologize for what occurred in our store. We are investigating this incident."

A spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department said no police report has been filed in connection to the incident.

"It's the type of thing that you always see on the internet and you don't think it's something that you're going to encounter," Ricky said. "It’s really anyone around you that can be like that, but what was also really inspiring … was that group of people that was behind me and they were all supporting the women."

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