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It Snowed In New York Today And It's Spring And We Just Can't


Posted on March 28, 2015, at 5:28 p.m. ET

It's been a snowy, freezing cold winter in the Northeast. While Boston may have experienced record-breaking snowfall, the winter has not been easy for New York City either.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

March 20, 2015 marked the first day of spring.

With it came hopes of warmer temperatures, the prospect of sunshine, and the excitement of finally swapping our down jackets for something that doesn't resemble a sleeping bag.

But alas, New Yorkers woke up Saturday morning to flurries – and they were not happy.

"Thanks for the snow today!" Said no one in New York...

They've had enough.

IDU this weather .... #snowing in #NYC again #snow snow go away #nobueno

They just want to know if this wintry hellscape will ever end.

I have 3more days in New York and it start starts to snow wtf 😠🙈

They're not buying what winter is selling.

Got off the plane, saw snow, tried to turn right back around. No thanks winter / NYC / spring?

They're moving somewhere, anywhere, where the sun still shines.

The snow today was the last straw for me. New York i love you but it's time for warmer climates

They want to feel what it's like to not be perpetually frozen.

Currently looking at schools and apartments in Florida bc fuck the snow and New York.

They want to break free from the icy bleakness that is this never-ending nightmare.

fuck snow & new york & coldness & miserableness ... im so out of here

But some also wanted to make light of snow falling in spring.

It's the first snow of the season! #NYC

Nevertheless, we New Yorkers are an unwavering bunch. A little springtime snow isn't going to interrupt our weekend plans.

Snow or not I am determined to make it to the gym! NYC can't hold me down! @Equinox

Some pathetic little flakes of frozen bullshit are not going to put an end to our hipster fashion shoots.

I guess things could be worse...

Yep, it's snowing in NYC, just flurries. But this can happen MUCH later. NYC had a trace of snow on MAY 9, 1977.

Screw this. I'm outta here.