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Indiana University Suspends Fraternity For Video Depicting Alleged Sexual Hazing Ritual

Alpha Tau Omega was suspended after a video surfaced showing an alleged chapter member performing oral sex on a woman while others cheered him on.

Posted on October 8, 2015, at 12:27 p.m. ET

Indiana University suspended the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity after a video surfaced showing a new chapter member performing oral sex on a woman while other fraternity members cheered him on.

The 29-second long video, which is still posted on Reddit and Twitter, purports to show a pledge, wearing boxers, performing oral sex as part of a hazing ritual.

By Wednesday evening the university announced the fraternity’s suspension.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) ordered to suspend all activities immediately, pending investigation into hazing allegations.

“Indiana University takes its responsibility to foster a culture of care and respect among the students on its campuses extremely seriously,” the university said in a statement. “If true, the alleged actions on the part of some members of the Alpha Tau Omega chapter run completely contract to that commitment.”

Office of Student Life and Learning sent a letter to the fraternity Wednesday night detailing the suspension, adding that “it has been alleged that your organization presents a substantial risk to members of the university community.”

The fraternity will not be allowed to host, attend, participate, or sponsor any “new member, chapter, or social activities or events until the final disposition of this case.”

The national chapter of Alpha Tau Omega released a statement saying they are cooperating with the university.

"The video is highly offensive and is antithetical to the values of Alpha Tau Omega," the statement reads. "If confirmed, swift disciplinary action will be taken."

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