Here Are Some Of The Victims Of The Pakistan School Attack

A day after gunmen stormed a school, killing hundreds, Pakistan mourns the victims.

The death toll following the massacre at a military-run school in Pakistan his risen to 141 — including 132 children, most of whom were 16 years old or younger. A number of people are taking to social media to express grief and share stories about the victims. Here are some of those who died in Monday's attack.

Mubeen Shah

Mubeen's Facebook page is that of any teenage boy. He took selfies with his "besties" using an iPhone, wore Chuck Taylors and leather jackets, and posted photos of soccer player Lionel Messi.

His profile photo shows him wearing his green school uniform. Beneath the picture, a number of people have started commenting on how much he will be missed.

"I miss you so much my brother. May Allah bless your soul. You were a true friend. I hope you rest in peace. I love you," reads one post.

Mubeen was vocal on his Facebook page about his political beliefs, posting against Israel's military actions in Gaza. His cover photo shows two children with the quote: "We are a NATION of beauty and great grief. our smile is much STRONGER than your gun."

Tahira Qazi, principal of Army Public School

A Brave Lady, Mother, Teacher! Principal of APS, Tahira Qazi - Also martyred today! Rest in peace! #PeshawarAttack

A number of students have taken to social media to pay tribute to Tahira Qazi, the school principal. The messages are a sign of the respect and affection students felt for Qazi. Muhammad Ahmed called her a brave lady, mother, and teacher in a tweet.

Rahim Khan tweeted saying his heart was bleeding.

According to the BBC, a witness quoted in local media said Qazi helped many students to safety, even calling parents to come pick up their children.

Two years ago, Qazi was awarded Principal of the Year for "achieving excellence and showing professional exuberance in her duty," according to the BBC.

Qazi's funeral was on Wednesday.

Ohh "@NigahHaidi: Principal of APS. Tahira Qazi Shaheed with her son. @TehsinAbidi @qaispoint @KPZainab "

Muhammad Umer Hayat

Umer Hayat Shaheed, one of the brightest students of APS (Boys Wing), house captain and topper. #PeshawarAttack

There's been an outpouring of affection on Twitter and Facebook for Muhammad Umer Hayat. He's being called "one of the brightest students of APS" and a "brave student."

Like Mubeen, he posted photos of himself posing in his school's uniform on his Facebook page, as well as posting military quotes: "They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me, then may have my dead body but not my obedience! I born free and I will live free. I am Pashtoon."

Saeed Khan, teacher

Saeed Khan was a teacher at APS, and was buried Tuesday night in Peshawar.

The Bin Qutab Foundation, which Khan supported and donated to, paid tribute to the teacher on its Facebook page.

"I feel great sorrow to announce the sad demise of Mr. Saeed Khan, who was a faculty Member of Army Public School, Peshawar and my Close friend and supporter of BNMH in Peshawar was died in yesterday attack. Chairman Bin Qutab Foundation Mr. Bashir Malik met him during his visit to Peshawar He was one of the pioneer donor of BNMH," the Facebook post reads.

Mohammed Ali Khan

Mohammed Ali Khan, 15, was killed during the attack. His family mourned his death on Tuesday.

Aimal Khan

A Facebook page has been set up in memory of Shaheed Aimal Khan.

A number of posts and photos on the page suggest he was a race car enthusiast. People who did not know the boy personally also commented on the page.

"I didn't knew you personally but my heart aches to what happened to you. Allah knows the condition of your parents and friends," one post reads.

Rip Bro :( Shaheed Aimal Khan.. Missed uh ashnaaa...

Rafiq Bangash

Shaheed Rafiq Bangash was born in 1998 and would therefore have been 15 or 16 when he died. A Facebook page has been created in his memory, with posts mourning his death.

"Paradise has become even more beautiful because it has you in it," one post read, accompanied with a photo of Bangash in his school uniform.

Muhammad Yaseen

Scrolling through Mohammad Yaseen's Facebook account, it's clear he had a penchant for photography. Whether with an iPhone or a professional camera, the teenage boy can be seen snapping photos.

Shaheed Mohammed Yaseen Rest in peace bro you will be missed #PeshawarAttack

Beenish Pervaiz

Beenish Pervaiz, pictured with her family, was a teacher at the school.

On a Facebook page for military families, people sent condolences to her family.

"May her soul rest in peace and God bless hr family specially da little angels she left," one post read.

Pervaiz, a mother of three young girls, studied at London University before becoming a teacher at APS, according to the Daily Mail.

Mudassir Khan

Mudassir Khan was a staff member of the school.

Asad Aziz

Asad Aziz Shaheed. Rest in peace Little Angel

Hamza Ali Kakar

My Cousin Hamza Ali Kakar martyr of Peshawar school Attack @AsimBajwaISPR #PeshawarAttack

Afsha Ahmed

At just 24, Afsha Ahmed was one of the youngest teachers at APS. According to a number of reports, she sacrificed her life to protect her students.

"The [terrorists] entered our classroom as we were sitting with our teacher," a 15-year-old student who was shot in the chest and currently recovering at a hospital, told reporters referring to Ahmed. "She seemed to understand what was going on before we did because she immeidately stood up and prevented the terrorists from targeting us."

The student, Irfanullah, said his teacher did not allow the gunmen to shoot her students. "She was so brave," he added.

Aamish Salman

Amish Salman was part of Class 9, which suffered great loss in the attack.

"Shaheed Aamish Salman you'll remain in our life. Forever" one person wrote in a Facebook page created in Salman's memory.

RIP Amish Salman of Class 9. #PeshawarAttack

Azan Turyilay

Azan Turyilay was reportedly also a student of Class 9.

Here are more pictures of students who died, provided by their families.

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