Dramatic Video Shows Man Rescued After 20 Hours Treading Water

William Durden fell off his boat into the Gulf of Mexico without a lifejacket.

#BreakingNews @USCGSoutheast releases video of Homosassa boater #rescue. Thanks to @MyFWC for assistance! #partners

A former Navy pilot was rescued by the Coast Guard after spending 20 hours treading water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Video shared by the Coast Guard shows a man jumping in the water to rescue William Durden.

Durden, 61, fell out of his boat when he was tried to grab a fishing pole while the boat was in gear. Durden fell without a lifejacket, according to the Associated Press.

When he didn't return home from a planned fishing trip, Durden's wife called authorities and his boat was located near St. Martins Keys, 60 miles north of Tampa.

Durden is reportedly in good condition following his rescue.

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