Dramatic Footage Shows White Helmets Volunteer Rescuing Baby Girl

The girl was trapped under rubble for two hours.


Dramatic video released Thursday shows a White Helmets volunteer in tears after rescuing a baby girl in Syria's Idlib province.

The emotional footage shows the volunteer's shoulder trembling as he breaks down crying while clutching the dust-covered girl in his arms, following an hours-long rescue.

The rescuer in the video says the girl, who he says is 1 month old, had been on the fourth floor of the building and was trapped under the rubble for two hours.

The White Helmets volunteer group, formally known as the Syrian Civil Defense, is credited with saving thousands of lives since 2012. The rescuers have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for their work across Syria.

US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power praised White Helmets volunteers for always helping those in need.

"The White Helmets go out, day after day, and do work that affirms these humanitarian principles in the most impossible circumstances," she said during a screening of a documentary about the group in New York on Wednesday. "They are not partial to one side or the other. They don’t ask people buried beneath buildings which side of the conflict they support before starting to dig them out."

The group has been under attack by the Syrian government, and earlier this month the group said three of its four centers in Aleppo were destroyed in airstrikes.

3 of the 4 @SyriaCivilDef centers in Aleppo city targeted this morning. 60 air strikes in East Aleppo

The video was filmed the same day two hospitals in Aleppo, which neighbors Idlib, were seriously damaged by an attack from a pro-Syrian government aircraft.

“Bombs are raining from Syria-led coalition planes and the whole of east Aleppo has become a giant kill," Xisco Villalonga, director of operations at Medecins Sans Frontieres, said in a statement.

According to the statement, more than 278 people, including 96 children, were killed between Sept. 21 and Sept. 26.

The US ambassador to the UN called the recent attacks "a savage new low."

"Children are not terrorists," Power said. "Breadlines — and the individuals within breadlines — are not terrorists. Rescue workers are not terrorists. Hospital workers are not terrorists."

Brittany Berkowitz contributed to this report.

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