Donald Trump Shares The Results Of His Physical Exam With Dr. Oz

Donald Trump taped the episode of The Dr. Oz Show Wednesday and it's scheduled to air the following day.

Donald Trump on Wednesday shared with Dr. Oz the results of his physical examination performed last week.

The reveal on The Dr. Oz Show comes after two days of confusion on whether the Republican presidential nominee would share his test results with the celebrity doctor. The episode, taped on Wednesday, will air on Thursday.

Mehmet Oz took Trump through a full review of systems, including nervous systems, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and family medical history, according to a statement released by the show.

A short preview clip of the segment was released Wednesday showing Trump handing the tests to Oz.

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Following the taping on Wednesday, audience members leaked bits of the interview to the press. One audience member said that Trump said he wanted to lose 15 pounds and conflicting reports put Trump's weight at 236 or 267 pounds, which are both considered overweight for his 6-foot-3 frame.

He also discussed why he eats fast food and allegedly said that he never exercises.

Per an audience member at Dr. Oz taping with Trump, he said he likes fast food because "at least you know what they are putting in it."

Trump allegedly also allegedly said that he kisses his daughter Ivanka Trump "as often as I can."

ON KISSING: Ivanka kissed Dr. Oz & her dad. Oz commented on kiss. Trump said he kisses her "as often as I can," audience tells @FayCortez.

Dr. Oz had previously said that he would analyze the numbers from Trump's physical during the episode, but on Wednesday morning, Trump's spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN that Trump will talk about his physical activity, diet, and general health questions. The results of the exam would likely be released later this week, she added.

Dr. Oz and Trump also discussed the nominee's recently announced child care plan and other major health issues in the US, according to the show's statement.

"But I do not believe that we can have a wealthy country without being a healthy country," Oz said on Tuesday. "And so I do think people want to understand, what happens to my health care if Mr. Trump is elected, and more importantly, what kind of role model he is for health in our country."

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