Snowbound Boston Residents' Fight For Parking Spots Gets Aggressive

Deep breaths, Boston.

The situation in Boston is bad. So bad the mayor had to ask people to stop jumping out of windows and onto snow mounds. The snow has reached historic levels, and Bostonians have had just about enough of it.

After digging their cars out of multiple feet of snow, New Englanders are claiming what they believe is rightfully theirs with passive aggressive notes that really bring the nickname "Massholes" to life.

Shoveling is hard – take it from Beth and Nate.

"I got tendonitis shoveling out this spot. I can't shovel out more if you take my spot. Please be considerate. Beth, Nate."

After digging out their cars, Bostonians are saving the spots with whatever they can.

East Boston parking spot saver game strong.

It will be a while before New Englanders go golfing again.

So don't steal their parking spot.

Parking is getting serious in Boston #juno2015 #Blizzard2015 @stoolpresidente @davidwade @BreeSison @LisaWBZ

Because they will put a spell on you.

Seriously, they're very angry.

The few, the proud, the Marines with a Cambridge parking spot:

They will not hesitate to threaten your vehicle.

And they will follow through on the threats.

@marty_walsh Pls tell ppl to calm down w/prking. Friend's car vandalized after someone else moved parking marker 1st.

They will tell you off.

All they ask for is some respect.

This is how you reserve your shoveled street side parking spot in Boston #FinglishmanInNewEngland

They even say it in their own language.

@7News @pbouchardon7 Creative "spot saver" in Fall River #Dibs

So don't screw with Boston residents and their parking spots because this is what happens if you do.

Good luck, Boston!

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