Tell Us: How Are You Expanding Your Quarantine Circle To Include More People?

BuzzFeed News wants to know how you're building out your quaranteam: who you're letting in, how you're deciding, and what complications are popping up.

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For nearly three months a large part of the country has been advised to remain indoors and to only socialize with the people they live with.

Going on a walk with your spouse or your roommate is totally fine, but standing less than 6 feet away from anyone else is highly discouraged as healthcare workers across the country battle the novel coronavirus.

A big question is when people will be officially allowed to hang out with their friends and families again. Scroll through Instagram, though, and you'll see many have already begun opening up their "quaranteam" — the circle of people that they are socially isolating with — to include others.

With Memorial Day this weekend marking the unofficial start of summer, and with lawmakers discussing how to reopen businesses, it is likely more people will look for ways to safely see their friends and family and expand their circle.

We want to hear about your conversations with friends and family about how you're deciding who you should see and under what rules or precautions, if any.

And if you're already meeting people from outside your household, we want to know how you sorted through the difficulties and complications of seeing them. Are you wearing masks and maintaining social distance? Are you being more lax with safety measures if you know the person you're seeing has not come into contact with anyone else? Is anyone breaking the rules, or doing things that make others in the circle feel uncomfortable?

As BuzzFeed News continues to report on all aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to hear your stories about building out your quarantine circles.

Let us know using this secure Google form.

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