C-SPAN Says Online Feed Was Not Hacked By Kremlin-Funded RT

A spokesperson for C-SPAN said the network believes it was an "internal routing issue."

C-SPAN's online video feed was briefly interrupted Thursday afternoon by RT, the Kremlin-funded cable news channel.

Hours after the sudden interruption occurred, C-SPAN said they didn't believe they were hacked, but that the error was caused by "an internal routing error."

"We don't believe we were hacked," the network said in a statement.

RT, formerly known as Russia Today, is one of the networks C-SPAN monitors regularly, a spokesperson said.

People began noticing the interruption around 2:30 pm EST.

Here's the moment Russia Today took over the C-SPAN1 feed. Unclear what happened. RT aired for about ten minutes be… https://t.co/s3JYyLzrT2

This truly happened...watched it happen live...whole office was confused. https://t.co/I9Yb5BK4Yj

Requests for comment from RT were not immediately returned, but a high-ranking RT reporter tweeted that it might be "some technical glitch."

The US intelligence community concluded that RT, Russia's "state-run propaganda machine," contributed to Vladimir Putin's attempts to influence the results of the US presidential election "by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and international audiences."

The declassified report from the intelligence community, which concluded that Putin ordered election-related hacking, included seven pages on RT's "rapid expansion" in the US.

The report states that RT "has positioned itself as a domestic US channel and has deliberately sought to obscure any legal ties to the Russian Government."

On Thursday, however, C-SPAN said their investigation suggested the problem had been an internal one.

"We take our network security very seriously and will continue with a deeper investigation, which may take some time," the channel in a statement.

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