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A Gym In Greece Offered A 48-Euro-A-Year Membership And People Lost Their Minds

Hundreds of people waited in line with hopes of becoming Greek gods.

Posted on September 7, 2015, at 6:11 p.m. ET

A fitness center in Athens, Greece, with multiple locations across the city, offered an irresistible sale. Starting at midnight Monday, the gym offered year-long memberships for just 48 euros (approximately $54).

The offer lasted from midnight until 7 a.m. Monday. The gym had set up tiered pricing for the the rest of the day Monday and Tuesday. By Monday night, the price of a yearly membership cost 109 euros.

With the gym's website reportedly down during the initial sale, and with Athenians ready and eager to break a sweat, hundreds of people visited the centers in person.

Στην ουρά για το γυμναστήριο, του Σπύρου Σεραφείμ (@spiros_serafeim) #yava


The lines were so long, people were standing in the middle of the city's largest and busiest avenues.

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Seriously, so many people were eager to work out.

#yava #gym #fetes #me #48 #euro 💪💪🆕🆙🆒🈵 by mem_evans

Though some were concerned that with so many new members, people will have to start sharing gym equipment.

Φίλε να κάνουμε λίγο μαζί γιατί έχει κόσμο και βιάζομαι να φύγω? #yava

While others were skeptical of how many people will actually use the gym membership they just signed up for.

Κάπως έτσι θα ναι σε λίγους μήνες το 80% αυτών που περίμεναν στην ουρά σήμερα. #Yava

Others on Twitter were quick to point out how Greeks can't resist long lines — referring to the long lines at ATMs in June as banks closed and capital controls were put into place.

Μετα τα ΑΤΜ οι ουρες πηγαν τωρα στα #yava Μπλοκαρε η Κηφησιας

With so many people working out, we expect every Athenian to become a real-life Adonis.