A Baby Eagle Hatched From Its Shell Just In Time For The New Year

E9 was born in Fort Myers, Florida, at 7:33 am on New Year's Eve.

A baby eagle, who captivated thousands on a webcam since the hatching process began last week, emerged from its shell Saturday morning in Florida.

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The eaglet, known as E9, was born in Fort Myers, Florida, at 7:33 am on Saturday, according to the real estate company hosting a webcam live stream.

E9's arrival has been highly anticipated since the hatching process began last week.


Eagle parent Harriet laid two eggs during the week of Thanksgiving, and it typically takes approximately 35 days for an eagle egg to hatch.

The second egg — E9's sibling — has yet to hatch. You can watch the live stream here.

This year, The Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” has garnered more than 60.8 million views, according to NBC News.

People have been obsessed with the watching the webcam.

My mom has been watching a live video of an eagle hatching its eggs for 5 days now 😂

Not sure what I'm going to do with my time after this second baby eagle hatches #eaglecam

there's an obvious #hatchimals joke to make here.... or u can just watch this live stream of a baby eagle hatching.. https://t.co/zpaNPij2FO

While others thought it was fitting E9 hatched on New Year's Eve.

OMG this little bald eagle hatching looks exactly how you feel on New Year's Day

Yup, pretty much.

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