9 Jaw-Dropping Investigations We Published In 2015

Rucksacks of cash, ghost schools, jailed high schoolers. From neglect at a major for-profit foster care company to America's broken guest worker system to a mobile home builder preying on minorities, the year that was in BuzzFeed News investigations.

1. Fostering Profits: Abuse And Neglect At America's Biggest For-Profit Foster Care Company — Aram Roston

In An Unmarked Grave, A Baby’s Untold Story

2. Debt and Jail in Texas — Kendall Taggart and Alex Campbell

Their Crime: Being Poor. Their Sentence: Jail

3. Sanctions Against Thuggish Regimes, A Company That Altered Sales Records, And One That Dealt With Blacklisted Banks — Aram Roston, Max Seddon And Jane Bradley

A Financial Firm Sold Critical Data To Sanctioned Banks

4. Ghost Students, Ghost Teachers, Ghost Schools — Azmat Khan

5. The New American Slavery: America’s Broken Guestworker System — Jessica Garrison, Ken Bensinger, and Jeremy Singer-Vine

“All You Americans Are Fired”

How A Former Pot Grower Made A Fortune Importing Mexican Workers

6. Meet The Obscure Company Behind America’s Syria Fiasco — Aram Roston

7. Lycamobile: The Tory Donor’s Rucksacks of Cash And Offshore Empire — Heidi Blake, Michael Gillard, Tom Warren, Jane Bradley, and Richard Holmes

Lycamobile’s Offshore Empire Embroiled In Sri Lanka’s Hunt For Stolen Assets

Lycamobile Reported To Cops For “Money Laundering”

8. Revealed: National Crime Agency In Crisis Over Unlawful Searches — Tom Warren

9. Warren Buffett’s Company Wants To Sell You A Mobile Home. (Note To Minority Buyers: You Pay Extra.) — Daniel Wagner and Mike Baker

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