Trump Campaign Co-Chair: GOP Loyalty Pledges Make State Parties Look "Foolish"

"I think they're worried about the Ross Perot thing."

Donald Trump's national campaign co-chairman said Thursday that state Republican parties "look foolish" for their attempts to force Trump's hand on ruling out a third-party run.

National Co-Chair Sam Clovis said the efforts by Virginia and North Carolina GOP party leaders to mandate candidates take loyalty pledges to the eventual general election nominee in order to get onto their respective primary ballots were "not appropriate."

"Well, I just think it's - I think it makes them look foolish," Clovis said on the Simon Conway Show. "Because what it really comes down to is [them] saying 'well if you don't play by our rules then you don't get to play' and that's not appropriate. We have Republicans of every stripe. We have Republicans of every background and if we're suppose to have a big tent, I think Mr. Trump fits into that tent. So I think the Republican Party, you know in certainly some of these instances, are talking out of both sides of their face."

Clovis said he thinks the pledges are just a sign of fear among the GOP establishment about the Trump candidacy.

"I think they're worried about the Ross Perot thing," Clovis said. "And I get that, but I just don't see that as an outcome because if this guy wins - if this guy wins the nomination - then all of this is moot. And that's where I think we're heading."

The South Carolina Republican party changed its primary ballot requirement to the one Virginia and North Carolina are considering earlier this week. In order to qualify for the South Carolina primary, Trump has to take the pledge by Sept. 30.

Listen to the audio here:

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