Marco Rubio: We Sometimes Respond To Trump Just To “Watch Him Blow Up”

"...from time to time, you know, we’ll respond because it’s fun to watch him blow up even more.”

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Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said Thursday that his campaign responds to Donald Trump's attacks "because it's fun to watch him blow up even more"

Trump and Rubio have exchanged barbs in the weeks following the second presidential debate, with Trump hitting Rubio for sweating too much and for his attendance record in the Senate. Rubio hit back at Trump, calling him "touchy and insecure."

"I mean this is how he gets attention," the Florida senator told a WHDH reporter who asked him if a since-deleted Trump ad posted on Twitter on Sunday that called Rubio "a nice boy" and "little RUBE" was taunting him. Trump said in a Newsmax story that the ad was simply "payback."

"The other is he's a guy that's sensitive to criticism and so he reacts these ways and so it is what it is. And from time to time, you know, we'll respond because it's fun to watch him blow up even more," Rubio concluded.