The Most Astonishing Stories You Need To Read This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Anita Badejo unpacks the complexities of reporting sexual assaults at historically black colleges. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

1. Why the Movement Against Campus Sexual Assault Is Leaving Women at Black Colleges Behind — BuzzFeed News

2. The Ballad of Diane Warren — BuzzFeed News

3. Who Akai Gurley Was, Before He Was Killed by a Police Officer — BuzzFeed News

4. The Man Who Solved His Own MurderThe Guardian

5. How Facebook's Plan to Give the World Free Mobile Internet Went so Wrong — BuzzFeed News

6. The Confessions of R. KellyGQ

7. Fred Savage Can’t Go Home Again — BuzzFeed News

8. The Last Days of TargetCanada Business

9. The Tennis Racket — BuzzFeed News

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