9 Feature Stories You Can't Miss This Week: New Hollywood And The Old West

This week for BuzzFeed News, Anne Helen Petersen profiles Room actress Brie Larson. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

Brie Larson Is Ready To Become Your Favorite Actress — BuzzFeed News

Shrimp Boy's Day In CourtThe New York Times Magazine

Danny Meyer Is Eliminating All Tipping In His RestaurantsEater

Digging Up The Bones Of Billy The Kid — BuzzFeed News

The Mystery Of Sacagawea — BuzzFeed News

The Making Of John Wayne — BuzzFeed News

The LossThe Morning News

Taylor Swift on "Bad Blood," Kanye West, and How People Interpret Her LyricsGQ

How The Fast Times Of The Paparazzi Came To A Screeching Halt — BuzzFeed News

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