This Powerful Video Shows Men What It Feels Like To Be Subjected To Sexism And Sexual Violence

"Oppressed majority" takes place in an alternate reality where women jog half naked and work while the men take care of the kids and endure daily sexual harassment.

Updated – Feb. 7, 10:22 p.m. ET

The short film, in French and directed by Éléonore Pourriat, shows a father taking his kid to kindergarten and going through the rest of his day facing catcalls, sexist remarks, sexual assault, and contempt.

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In an email to BuzzFeed, director Eléonore Pourriat explained why she made the film.

It came from my experience as a woman over the past 40 years," she wrote. "And from the incredulity of men when I told them about the comments and behavior of some men on the street, in high school, in public transportation, everywhere really.

In this alternate reality, women jog shirtless, call men "cutie" or "honey," tell them to "keep smiling", and congratulate the main character's son for having "such a cute daddy".

They also catcall men.

At one point, the main character gets assaulted in broad daylight by a group of women.

When his wife learns about the assault, she supports him at first but then blames him for his "provocative" outfit.

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