An American Said There Were "No-Go Zones" In Paris So The French Took The Piss


Pamela Geller is an American writer and anti-Islamic commentator.

On Feb. 16, Geller tweeted one of her articles, titled "Riots in Paris: No-go zones extend as violence spreads ACROSS FRANCE."

PARIS RIOTS: No-go zones expand as violence spreads ACROSS FRANCE

In her article, Geller mentioned the urban violence that took place in support of an alleged rape victim during his arrest on Feb. 2 by the police in Seine-Saint-Denis. She also said news vans were set on fire during a demonstration on Feb. 11.

She highlighted a series of areas across France that she claimed had seen "mass riots," and referred to French President François Hollande as "Prime Minister."

Many French Twitter users tweeted at Geller, telling her there were no riots.

Some sent her photographic evidence from Paris.

@PamelaGeller Dear Pamela, this is just #fakenews. From dangerous Paris, with love

And the Marais neighborhood of Paris.

@PamelaGeller well, here is Le Marais right now (8:20 pm)

Also from Lille.

And from Nantes.

@PamelaGeller #Nantes today! I love this no-go zone !!! #fakenews credits @Nanteshype

And this shocking image from Val d'Oise.

@PamelaGeller live from Val-d'Oise. Shocking images. So violent.

People laughed.

@PamelaGeller Seriously ? 😂😂😂 C'est vrai que le Marais ça craint ! #FakeNews

"Seriously? It's true that Marais is feared! #FakeNews"

Others asked Twitter to suspend Pamela Geller's account.

Hi @jack, if you want to fight «Fake News» and hoax, then you should suspend the alt-right @PamelaGeller. I'm Fren…

And some people began talking nonsense. Just for fun.

FUYEZ LE MARAIS C'EST A FEU ET A SANG (Et Lille je ne vous raconte pas, on enjambe les cadavres)

"RUN AWAY MARAIS IS FIRE AND BLOOD (and Lille, I can not tell you, we are stepping over corpses."

Dear Pamela, the Marais looks like Bagdad. War zone with checkpoint every corner. Please save us. Call the UN.

@5eucheu @PamelaGeller And don't go to rue des maraîchers, they're actually zombies in cluster eating random people

It just got really silly.

@Orphire @UberKlaus @5eucheu @PamelaGeller I heard Mega Shark's presently fighting Giant Octopus in Montmartre.

. @PamelaGeller I live in Paris and I can confirm that some escalators are out of order in Gare du Nord. It's the complete chaos.

.@PamelaGeller I'm in Asnières' zone. Thank God a group of five girls just came and rescued us. One of them used he…

"I'm in the Asnières area. Thank god a group of five girls came to save us. One of them used her tiara as a boomerang."

This is not the first time American news sites have reported "no-go zones" in France.

in January 2015, an expert on Fox News claimed there were "no-go zones" in Paris that would only be accessible to Muslims. The US network later apologized to the French, and the mayor of Paris announced that she would press charges against Fox News.


In an email to BuzzFeed News, Geller provided a link to a recent Daily Express article on demonstrations and said:

"The incidents I reported on in Paris all came from published reports in recognized mainstream news outlets. Scapegoating me for passing on those reports is typical of an establishment media that is bent on covering up the havoc that Muslim migrants are wreaking in France and elsewhere in Europe. The rioting in Paris was abundantly documented by numerous establishment news services. Numerous videos have been published. Taking pictures of areas in Paris to which the riots did not spread and using them to claim that there were no riots is the height of dishonesty from a mainstream media that is being increasingly exposed for the leftist propaganda organ that it really is."

This post was translated from French.

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