Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoins

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on deck, here are a few of the places where you can spend the Bitcoins burning a hole in your virtual pocket. From a group of pubs in England to a place that sells Alpaca wool socks.

A pizza place in Vermont.

Plastic surgery in Miami.

Cannibis seeds for medical/legal purposes.

Mediterranean food in New York.

A group of pubs in England...

The Individual Pubs Limited group of five watering holes in England allows you to get drunk with the help of Bitcoins.

...and you can book your trip there with this online travel agency.

Alpaca wool socks.

Wordpress & Etsy.

Wordpress and some Etsy venders accept Bitcoin, among other online ventures.

The very first Subway shop.

And finally...a Virgin Galactic flight to space!