20 Signs You're Dating A Banker

A helpful guide to Wall Street relationships.

1. You know there's no point in making dinner plans because they've already ordered Seamless to their desk.

2. You know not to send anything scandalous to their work email because it will get flagged.

3. You can't send him or her BuzzFeed articles because it's blocked at the office.

4. They've picked you up in their car service.

5. Dinner conversations are usually about markets.

6. Date night has ended more than once with going to their office to update a document.

7. Your bedtime lullaby is conference call white noise.

8. You'll go to bed before they get home at night and wake up in the morning after they leave for work.

9. You know the hours could be worse (if you were dating a lawyer).

10. You've had to drop off a change of clothes at their office before 7 a.m. multiple times.

11. You're BFFs with their dry cleaner.

12. You've sat through Too Big To Fail more times than you would have liked.

13. You know the whole strategy to bonus ranks and contract renewals.

14. Work functions are like frat parties.

15. Packing for a day at the beach includes blanket, sunscreen, and a computer.

16. They're really good at multitasking.

17. They can teach you really helpful Excel tricks.

18. There are 20 Wall Street Journals piled up at your front door at the end of every month.

19. Holidays together? LOL.

20. But when you do get time together, you really know how to make it count.

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