Wendy Williams Has Hit Back At Critics Who Say She Faked Fainting On Live TV

The talk show host said her Halloween costume made her overheat.

On Tuesday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show the host dressed up as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween.

The show was proceeding as normal until, when jumping to the special "How You Booin'" segment, Williams lost her words, stumbled, and passed out.

Wendy Williams just passed out on live TV. And then rallied like a friggin champ minutes later.… https://t.co/XHphmnw7Ad

Viewers were left stunned as the show cut to a commercial break.

OMG. What just happens to Wendy Williams???

Ok so I'm watching Wendy Williams and I think she just fainted or passed out??? On live tv?? Wow... crazy..

Some weren't sure if the fainting was real or a Halloween prank.

Is this like a halloween thing or is ya girl @WendyWilliams ok?

Is that Wendy Williams video a Halloween prank???

Juanito E. B1anco

But when Williams came back from the ad break, she said, "That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume. I did pass out, but you know what? I’m a champ, and I’m back."

Wendy Williams came back after commercial break. Said she overheated in her costume.

The show later put out a statement that reads: "Wendy is feeling much better. She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup, and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. She will address the incident on tomorrow’s show."

Meanwhile, Williams' personal representative also sent BuzzFeed News a statement that went into more detail.

On Wednesday's show, Williams talked about what happened.

She explained that 48 minutes into the Halloween show, as she was being briefed by her producer, she felt herself getting dizzy and right before passing out she felt like she was in the middle of a campfire.

After the show, she found out from paramedics that she was low on electrolytes, got treated, and then saw a crowd of almost 200 people outside the studio, a mix of fans, press, and paparazzi, who she gave a wave to out her car window.

"I want to thank you all for your tweets and your flowers and my colleagues in this game on TV," she concluded. "I got all of your well wishes and the people who covered it and you on social media who commented and even the haters because you motivate me."

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