A "Veronica Mars" Revival Is In The Works At Hulu And People Are Loving It

Marshmallows have united in excitement over the cult hit teen noir possibly coming back.

BuzzFeed News has confirmed that a revival of cult favorite Veronica Mars is in the works at Hulu with star Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas attached.

The mid-aughts teen noir TV show spent two seasons on UPN and one on the CW before being unceremoniously canceled. It would later spur a spin-off web series and a Kickstarter-funded movie in 2014 to give the story a neater end.

With news of a possible revival coming four years after the movie, fans, aka Marshmallows, have been tweeting their excitement...

Prepare yourself Twitter. I'm about to lose my shit about this #VeronicaMars revival!

Via Twitter: @MegBonneyWriter

All due respect to everything going on today, but #VeronicaMars is coming back and I'm happier than I've been since the movie was released. I just need Veronica and Logan to be together and happy and for us to actually see it because their reunion in the movie was not enough. https://t.co/ONrHGqNaWG

Via Twitter: @RealityRobbed

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR (I know there is capital-n News happening BUT VERONICA MARS.) https://t.co/kDoCoP2kJp

Via Twitter: @kierstenwhite

...as well as making some suggestions on how the show could improve.

The only thing I can think about is whether Logan's uniform will fit this time. https://t.co/niGhu0PQ7U

Via Twitter: @lindaholmes

I ask of the Veronica Mars revival one thing and one thing only: PLEASE give her a love interest she has not known since she was 19. I KNOW YOU WON'T BUT I JUST WANT MY WISH ON THE RECORD. https://t.co/Hxgfw7vDO8

Via Twitter: @MrsFridayNext

Bonus points if they want to revive the Veronica-as-an-FBI-agent pitch from that S4 trailer. #VeronicaMars

Via Twitter: @televisionary

And wondering if it will affect Bell’s other beloved show The Good Place.

excuse me but the good place .. does this mean that there will be a veronica mars x good place crossover where kristen bell plays both eleanor and veronica ok brb writing that fic @hannasmiled https://t.co/wbswSeHCs9

Via Twitter: @mygiantrobot

My loyalties have clearly shifted, because my first thought about the #VeronicaMars news was “if this screws with #thegoodplace in any way.... https://t.co/b3aupTT9sr

Via Twitter: @iheartfatapollo

If Eleanor finally gets to #TheGoodPlace, and it ends up being the #VeronicaMars revival, I'm not going to be happy. If it ends up being Cheers, well, that would be just fine. https://t.co/YdFbivgjZh

Via Twitter: @foodtruckpastor

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Hulu, Warner Bros. Television, and representatives for Bell and Thomas for comment.

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