7 Things We Just Learned About "The X-Files" Season 11

There'll be backstory on the Cigarette Smoking Man, but Scully still won't have a desk.

On Sunday at New York Comic Con, The X-Files creator Chris Carter was joined by cast members Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pileggi to talk all things Season 11.

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But first, of course, they debuted a brand-new trailer.

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1. Just in case you didn't catch the younger version of him in the trailer, Carter revealed that viewers will be getting some backstory on the Cigarette Smoking Man in the Season 11 premiere.

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2. Also as seen in the trailer, Season 11 will have more of Pileggi's character, Skinner, including an episode all about his backstory.


The Skinner-centered episode will be directed by former X-Files script supervisor Carol Banker.

3. Karin Konoval, who played the mother under the bed in the iconic Season 4 episode "Home," has an episode this season where she'll be playing four parts — two of whom are male.

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4. And speaking of "Home," the eighth episode of Season 11 is cowritten by James Wong, who wrote "Home."


Carter promises it will be fucked up.

5. The cast just finished shooting Episode 5, which is written by fan favorite Darin Morgan, who cast an actor that's his doppelgänger for the lead.

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Episode 5 is also the first time Pileggi has gotten to work with Morgan.

6. Season 11 of The X-Files will be 10 episodes (an upgrade from the six last season) and will consist of eight stand-alone episodes and two mythology episodes.

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7. And no, Scully will still not have a desk this time around.

Season 11 of The X-Files will premiere on Fox in January 2018.

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