Steve Carell Is Starring In Netflix's New Workplace Comedy About Trump's "Space Force"

No word yet on when the comedy series will premiere, but fans are excited to see The Office team back together.

Netflix announced Wednesday that Steve Carell has agreed to star in a new series called Space Force, a workplace comedy centered on President Trump's idea for a sixth military branch to protect the US in space.

Carell will again team up with Greg Daniels and Howard Klein, executive producers of the US version of The Office, to create the new comedy.

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Carell, known for his character Michael Scott on The Office, has been absent from the television series circuit while taking roles in a diverse set of films, from the Despicable Me franchise and Welcome to Marwen, to The Big Short, Vice, and Beautiful Boy. He was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 2015 for Foxcatcher.

So Netflix's announcement about the new comedy was good news for fans who've missed Carell on TV and are excited to see him back — with the team from The Office, no less — on a show spoofing an idea that has been the butt of jokes since Trump first brought it up.

Carell + Daniels is an equation that's added up to something great in the past...

Alan Sepinwall / Via Twitter: @sepinwall

A new workplace comedy from the showrunner of THE OFFICE? Starring Steve Carell? And it's dragging Trump's dipshit SPACE FORCE idea? Fucking sold.

Scott Wampler / Via Twitter: @ScottWamplerBMD

Is “soon” now? Because I would like soon to be now.

Matt Porter / Via Twitter: @mattyports

Trump announced his plan for a "space force" in early 2018 without much detail on what it would entail, when it would be established, how it would function, and other key details. But did ask his supporters to choose a logo for it.

Just like the real-life space force, there is no word yet on when Space Force the series will premiere on Netflix.

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Space Force isn't Carell's first sign-on for a series. Last year, it was announced Carell's first big role in a series since leaving The Office in 2011 would be the male lead in Apple's upcoming morning show drama opposite Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

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