Simone Biles Said She’s Competing At The World Gymnastics Championships Despite Her Kidney Stone And Fans Are Shook

“this kidney stone can wait”

Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles tweeted a photo Friday from the hospital insisting that not even a kidney stone will stop her from competing at the 2018 World Gymnastics Championships in Qatar.

nothing like a late night ER visit less than 24 hrs before world championships this kidney stone can wait.... 👊🏾 doing it for my team! ❤️ I’ll be gucci girls !

The pledge to compete in the event, which kicks into high gear this weekend, left her fans shook yet again.

So she might actually be Super Woman?

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She’s still going to kill it. Wonder Woman’s got NOTHING on Simone.

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Simone Biles is probably superhuman. You know most of us would be in a little ball right now, and certainly not about to go do GOAT things.

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Because in a year full of obstacles, it feels like there has been nothing she can’t overcome.

Next week she's going to win her fourth Worlds title, break the record for most gold World medals in the sport's history and have a vault named after her. And she's going to do it *with a kidney stone* because she's the absolute GOAT.

Competing for an organization (@USAGym) that putting winning over her safety and @Simone_Biles is still all in. Unbelievable person, athlete, and leader.

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Whether it was standing strong with her fellow gymnasts through the court hearings for disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar...

A powerful moment between Hoda and Simone Biles while discussing Larry Nassar: “He can’t hurt you anymore.” -@hodakotb “No, he cannot.” -@simone_biles

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...or calling out the USA Gymnastics interim CEO, who later stepped down.

*mouth drop* don’t worry, it’s not like we needed a smarter usa gymnastics president or any sponsors or anything

Now she can add kidney stones to the list.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a representative for Biles for more details.

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