Mike Posner Unveiled A Hairy New Look During The NFL’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show And People Had Jokes

NFL viewers also had plenty of jokes about Meghan Trainor’s performance.

Singer Mike Posner performed on Thursday at the halftime show for the Thanksgiving NFL game between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears.

But all anyone could focus on was how he no longer looked like, well, Mike Posner.

...or is this a different Mike Posner???

Via Twitter: @MrRickySpanish

Like, wow, was this a departure from his “Cooler Than Me” era.

Can we just talk about Mike Posner’s rebrand for a second??

Via Twitter: @yagurltaydawn

He’s gone full Bob Ross.

Mike Posner went from Lugz to Birkenstock sandals lmaaaaaooooooo what happened fam?

Via Twitter: @ayyy_west

Or, like, Bon Iver.

Via Twitter: @PhotosByBeanz

Our extensive photo research shows he’s actually looked this way since at least September.

Nonetheless, shocked NFL fans started comparing Posner to rapper Lil Dicky...

Why does mike posner look like lil dicky now...

Via Twitter: @b_nicol97

Actor Haley Joel Osment...

Why does Mike Posner look like a grown up fat faced Haley Joel Osment?

Unemployed Ron Burgundy from Anchorman...

Mike Posner lookin like he just got fired from the local news station

And even the Geico cavemen.

Mike Posner looking like a geico commercial

Via Twitter: @jillwones

Posner’s earthier look even made most people forget about his previous oddball iteration on the 2017 Grammys red carpet.

@yagurltaydawn Let’s not forget the inbetween

Via Twitter: @Joey2196

But when the NFL announced that at the next game’s halftime show Meghan Trainor would be performing, people jokingly asked to bring Posner back.

Us at 2: Yo why tf is Mike Posner on stage Us at 6: *Sees Meghan Trainor* MIKE COME BACK

Via Twitter: @KofieYeboah

“And now on the FOX halftime show we have Meghan Trainor” Me:

Via Twitter: @A_G_Haubner
Via Twitter: @wyntermitchell

Anyway, today we are thankful for Mike Posner’s ability to grow hair. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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